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Graduate Alternative Pathway/Special Education Certificate

13 months

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Are you changing careers, using an emergency teaching certification or preparing for teaching licensure? 帮助残疾学生在教育中茁壮成长,通过银河网站登录的研究生替代途径/特殊教育证书加速认证项目. 你将专注于评估有轻度到中度学习障碍的学生如何学习,并为各种行为和学习障碍提供必要的支持. Credits from this certificate can transfer toward a Master of Arts in Education/Special Education.

You won’t be in this alone. Our program support specialist can help you navigate teacher licensure and credentialing requirements. 银河网站登录还将通过与全国数百个学区的紧密合作关系,帮助您在学校实习,以获得临床经验和临床实践.

  • Design and implement effective instruction

  • Apply professional ethics to teaching practices in special education

  • Create and modify instructional and behavioral plans for a variety of learning needs

  • Create innovative strategies and incorporate technology into the classroom

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COE Central

College of Education students will find many helpful resources on COE Central. Program handbooks provide a wealth of information on topics such as professional expectations, clinical experiences, clinical practice, internships, edTPA and much more. Milestone roadmaps, technology and multimedia resources, and various toolkits are also available.

Licensure Requirements

毕业生可选途径/特殊教育证书为学生获得K-12教师资格证做准备, mild-moderate special education teacher. 项目要求可能会根据州机构许可证要求而改变,他们可以在 Please check this list regularly prior to contacting your state agency for state-specific requirements.


Attend class whenever it fits your life, day or night because our online classroom is available 24/7/365. 你的学术顾问将帮助你安排研究生替代途径/特殊教育证书的课程.

Program Purpose Statement

特殊教育替代教师证书是一个研究生水平的证书项目,旨在帮助没有教学经验的学生获得最初的教师证书. The certificate program is designed for students who want to become special education teachers. Candidates for this certificate program have already earned a bachelor’s degree. 该证书项目包括临床部分,要求现场经验和学生教学超过程序课程. 为当地教师工作可能需要额外的资格和/或取消资格, state or federal entity. Requirements for licensure vary by state. View your state’s teacher licensure requirements.

Career & Outcomes

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Get career coaching, resumé building and interview prep, for life. While outside career advising can cost over $200 an hour, at University of Phoenix it’s built right into your degree at no added cost.

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Through virtual job fairs and networking with the alumni community, 银河网站登录让你可以很容易地利用你在大学的同龄人和同事的经验和联系.


Paying for school

While education costs have risen an average of 2.6% in the U.S. every year, 银河网站登录的学费保证保证你将支付一个统一的费率从你注册的那一刻到你毕业的那一天.

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银河网站登录的招生代表为您提供个人支持,让您在知情的情况下选择是否回到学校.  Reach us by phone at 844-937-8679 or chat with us 7 days a week

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University of Phoenix is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), Since 1978, 菲尼克斯大学一直被高等教育委员会及其前身认证.

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Doris Savron

Vice Provost of Colleges, University of Phoenix

The following programs — BSEd/E, BSEd/ECH, MAEd/TED-E, MAEd/TED-S, MAEd/SPE, CERT/AP-E, CERT/AP-S, CERT/AP-SE -为参加选定州的教师资格考试提供学术准备.

Educator/Principal licensure requirements vary by state. 在不提供直接途径的州的候选人将被要求首先获得亚利桑那州的认证, prior to seeking licensure in their home state as an out-of-state prepared teacher/principal candidate. Arizona certification requires candidates to pass all Arizona-specific licensure requirements, 包括任何亚利桑那州特有的考试(或亚利桑那州教育局认可的州对应考试).) After obtaining an Arizona teacher/principal certificate, 然后,候选人可以在他们的家乡州申请许可证,可能需要完成额外的测试和/或要求,并支付额外的费用. Program requirements may change based upon your home state’s agency licensure requirements. Please visit the teacher licensure page  or the principal licensure page for state specific requirements prior to reaching out to your state agency.

*While widely available, not all programs are available to residents of all states. Please check with a University Enrollment Representative.